Frequently Asked Questions

I am a current Corporate Individual Member so what happens to me under the new system?

You will retain your status and current benefits as a Corporate Individual Member and receive all the benefits of the new Corporate Individual Member. As you are already a member you will not be required to pay the joining fee however on the annual renewal of your membership the new annual fee will be $15, which is only a $4 increase from the current annual fee. To receive your free outside car wash you will need to complete 5 parking stays from the time we move onto the new membership system.

What if I am a current Corporate Individual Member and want to upgrade to the Corporate Individual FBT Member?

Well that’s easy all you will need to do is follow the instructions to upgrade, which will be detailed in your personal login area. The cost to upgrade is $25 and thereafter the annual renewal fee will be $25.

What happens to me if I am a Company Member?

If you are a current Company Member you will retain all of your current benefits however there will no additional benefits available until a deal has been worked out, based on what extra benefits each company wants to include in their membership.

What happens if I have a Company Membership and there are less than ten members?

As this situation is no longer valid under the new system, we will be in touch with two possible options to either join each member as a Corporate Individual Member for the annual fee of $15 per member or we can join you up to the Corporate Individual FBT Membership for the annual renewal fee of $25. Alternatively if you wish some members could join the new free membership with only those who would benefit, based on their level of parking, joining the higher levels.

If you have any further questions about our membership program, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff at the branch on 03 9334 5777.

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